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2018 Charitable Gifts

“Giving Tuesday,” which follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is a day set aside each year to remind us to contribute to organizations that are important to us. Please remember that you have until December 31 to make a...

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Life Insurance Policy Review

By Judy Fertel Layne Do you have a life insurance policy with cash surrender value that you no longer need? Because of changes in the estate tax, changes in your family situation or other reasons, you may have a policy that you...

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Transfer of Residential Real Estate

By Judy Layne If you own a family cottage or other residential real estate located in Michigan in a limited liability company, you may want to remove the cottage from the limited liability company in order to take advantage of a...

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Separate versus Joint Trusts and Tax Exemptions

By Judy LayneIf you and your spouse created separate trusts at a time when the exemption from estate tax was low, you may want to consider revoking your old trusts and creating one joint trust. With the estate tax exemption now...

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Donor Advised Funds

By Judy Fertel Layne Creating a donor advised fund at a local community foundation or like entity may be a desirable option for an individual with charitable intentions who would like to create a private foundation but does not...

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